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What are you hungry for?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Have you heard about the Hunger Games?

Unless you have been deep-sea diving with James Cameron you can’t escape the phenomenon that is the Hunger Games. Tweens, teens and adults have made it one of the largest gross movies openings of all times.
I read and enjoyed all three books in the series and have been amazed/amused at the controversy it has caused.
Do I think they are too violent for young children… absolutely.
Do I think they should not be required reading in middle school… of course.

But they are fiction and present an imaginary life in a well thought out story. They are written for young adult, high school aged teens and older. Does society really believe that the fiction Panem is worse than the reality television teenagers are watching? Again, they are fiction…and should be read as such.

With that expressed…

As I was reading them, I was hearing Katniss’s struggle to survive and her struggle to see her sister again.
You could see that she hungered for her father in her life again.
She hungered to not be in the situation she was placed in.
She hungered for a community that did not have to be ruled by the elite of the Capital.
She hungered to be able to trust the others around her (especially Rue and Peeta).
She hungered for an end to the games she hated, having been forced to watch them each year.

Isn’t our lives similar?
Don’t we hunger to spend more time with family?
Don’t we hunger to have relationships of trust?
Don’t we hunger to live in a society that values each and every person?
Don’t we hunger for a society to end poverty, loneliness, homelessness?

We can create a critical, negative atmosphere or we can see the good in society around us. I choose GOOD!

I choose to work for PEACE, JUSTICE and EQUALITY.

Complain all you want about the Hunger Games, it was a good read and thought-provoking on how a powerful society can become if you don’t have a voice.

THANK GOODNESS, we have a voice! But how many people don’t…do you see them…do you speak for them?

Bloggers have the freedom to express ourselves and to share our thoughts.

Look deep inside yourself…what are you hungry for?
What will you be the “girl of fire” for? Lend your voice…

The hunger I crave is for FREEDOM, ACCEPTANCE and LOVE!

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Cleaning your windows

The story is told of an old woman who lived in a small house.
Every morning she would get up and make her cup of coffee and sit by her favorite chair right next to the window.
Everyday, this was her routine. On this particular day, she peeked through the window and she made an ugly face. A disgusted face.
She could see her new neighbor in her back yard hanging up her clothes to dry.
The old women ranted under her breath, “That lady does not know how to wash her clothes! Look at’um! They’re hideous! I ought to go and teach her how to wash her clothes right now!”
This happened for a couple of months, and every single time she would see her new neighbor drying her clothes, she would make her rantings.
One afternoon, the new neighbor’s kids where playing ball in the back yard after the mother hung up their clothes to dry. Suddenly, the kids some how broke the old woman’s window. The old woman walked frantically to the scene of the crime. She looked out her broken window, and was in shock. “The neighbors clothes?” She said, “They’re so, so, clean!”
The old woman hadn’t cleaned her window in over 30 years!
The dirty window impaired her vision.

Are we seeing the world through dirty windows?
Do we see what we want to see or are we open to the truth?
Is your vision impaired?
Sometimes we are too close-minded to see what is truly in front of us.

We sit and complain from our “kitchen chair” – we think we can do things better – we are the perpetual arm-chair quarterback and the back seat driver.
We judge others and situations we do not understand.
We do not realize our errors, until the “window is broken” – we need a shatter moment in our lives to bring us back to reality sometimes.

Then once the window is broken, the SUN shines through, we are almost blinded by the light and the truth – We can no longer close our eyes!
We have to admit our weaknesses and faults, embrace the truth and reach out to others to help clean their windows and

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Pick up and read

Okay, I love books! My family will tell you there are piles all over my house of books I have read and books I am planning on reading.

I love the feel of books in my hands, so full of knowledge, wisdom, love, history, fantasy or excitement. I always use bookmarks and NEVER dog-ear a page. I feel the author would want me to care for their labor of love and treat it with respect. Some spiritual book I do underline passages or ideas I want to remember, but always in a straight line being careful not to allow my pen to dip into the words on the page, but underline and accent the words. I’ll admit I usually use a ruler to get the line I want. Okay I am not OCD, I just like it the way I like it.

I mostly read spiritual or autobiographies, but the occasional novel can be found in my stacks too. Well for Mother’s Day this year, my children gave me a Kindle. I know, I should be pleased. But the Kindle is not the same as holding a book and I was skeptical – although I know so many people who LOVE their Kindle’s.
And I do sometime buy books and read them, never to open them again.
And I do buy books impulsively, that I have had for years and not read.
And then there are the trees that are cut to provide me books, when there is a totally doable alternative.
In addition, I did not want to return such a thoughtful gift and decided to give it a try.

I enjoyed paying less than my first book, My Lucky Life, in and out of television; by Dick Van Dyke – it was a great story, you could hear his smile through his words.

And I discovered it was okay to read on the Kindle. No I’m not marketing the Kindle, I actually downloaded Google Books to my phone for free and read Promise Me, by Nancy Brickman. Her sister was Susan G Komen and the book is about their lives, battles with cancer and building the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I read that on my phone…pretty small, but great to be able to read in waiting rooms and free moments. With Google Books you can read from your laptop or phone, but the versatility of an eReader like the Kindle has its advantages.

So for someone who loves books, but has a hard time finding time to read books…I have found myself on my fifth book since receiving the Kindle in June, (we celebrated Mother’s Day on Father’s Day because neither of my children were home on Mother’s Day). I don’t think I have ever read 5 books in 45 days!

I have rediscovered my passion for reading and am now trying to read through the stacks of books on my tables and bookshelves and then I reward myself with a new Kindle book to read. Well, I can’t give up on beautiful traditional books, now can I?

Actually, it’s already both…my daughter asked me to read Ken Follett’s “Pillars of the Earth”. She loved the storyline yet – do you know how thick that book is!! YIKES!! I thought I would never be able to do it. But I told her I would give the book four chapters and if it intrigued me I would attempt to finish it.  Well on page 120, I got on Amazon and discovered it was only $6.99 to carry it on my Kindle! And that HUGE book can not be carried in your purse…so I gave her the hard copy back and will finish it with my eReader.

Guess I got use to the ease of the Kindle fairly quickly…and I’m reading more, what’s not to love about that!

Rediscover your passion for reading – or discover it for the first time – Pick up and READ!!

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The Power of a Story

Have you ever heard a story that you wanted to hear again and never tiring of it?

Maybe I just enjoyed hearing my father tell it, with a few interjections from my mother. Dad always had a twinkle in his eye when he told the story reminiscing about their beginning.

“Dad, tell me how you met Mom?”
I would ask as a child. I asked as a teenager, and I asked as a mother.
My children loved hearing the story and would ask for Dad to tell it to them.
Even while fighting lymphoma, when asked, Dad always got that twinkle in his eye and grin on his face and my mother would smile and say “I can’t believe you still remember”.

Dad’s no longer with us on earth, but today would have been their 53rd Wedding Anniversary. In honor of his memory and the years they shared together, enjoy the story.

“Dad, how did you and Mom meet?”
“I was going to a dance with some friends at 79th and Halsted and saw a group of good-looking girls crossing the street, so I swerved my car to make them jump.” Dad grinned.
Mom jumped in, “That did not impress me, I did not think much of him since he tried to hit us.”
Dad smiles gingerly and continues, “I had dated one of her friends, but your mom caught my eye. When we got inside, I asked her to dance. As we were dancing I told her she put her dress on backwards.”
Mom fluster and annoyed would explain to him the deep v neck belonged in the back, not the front and she was wearing it correctly.
By the end of the dance Dad had asked for her number, which she gave him.
She said “Are you going to write it down?” Dad replied “no, I got it” not even repeating it for her, but he would remember.
Mom walked away from the dance thinking he didn’t remember my number and he is not going to call.

We always knew the best part way coming. We would turn to Dad and say “did you remember her number?” To which he always replied, “WO9-3779” Then my Mom and Dad’s eyes would meet, his twinkling and hers smiling. You could see the love of those two young dancers.

Mom always was amazed that he still remembered the number, but everyone who heard the story and knew Dad, never questioned his love that began with the dance, the dress and the phone number.

Throughout their whole marriage, I loved watching them step onto a dance floor and move as one person always in step together, Dad leading and Mom enjoying the dance. Just like the 49 years they spent dancing in this life. Each time they took to the dance floor it would bring back the memory of their first dance.

Happy 53th Anniversary Mom and Dad – I Love You!!

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