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Peace through pieces

What is happening?

How do we find peace through the pieces of our lives?

Especially when the pieces are falling apart…

I can’t stop thinking about all the pain that surrounds us every day. The horrific lost of life in Aurora, Colorado, the loss of a loved one unexpectedly, the loss of someone after a long illness or the devastating diagnosis of disease.

What holds your life together? What keeps the pieces from falling apart?

Years ago my nephew was asked by his first grade teacher what he was thankful for. He said his bones, because without them he would be a puddle of skin on the ground. So insightful for a first grader! He knew his bones were a vital part of his body that held everything together.

I reflected on that with all the uncertainty in my life. With all the uncertainty in society around us. The only certainty in life, is that nothing is certain.

What  I know is that Christ is certain. Christ holds all my pieces together and makes a masterpiece out of my life. I only have to release the wheel and let him drive.

Sometimes giving the wheel to Christ is hard to do. We are programmed from a young age to be independent and a leader. But a leader does not always be the smartest or most successful. Usually the most admired in the room is the humblest, kindest and selfless person. A trait I am sure that you would discover in each of those people is that Christ is at the center of their pieces, holding them together.

As I watched the videos of families that lost loved ones in Aurora Colorado, you could see the strength of those being held together by faith. Amid the horrific and senseless loss of life, there is hope, strength and faith. Balancing life and faith in inconceivable moments – thank God He is the glue!

Psalm  23:4 Even though I walk through the valley of the  shadow of death,  I will fear no evil, for you are with  me; your rod and your staff,  they  comfort me.

No matter what this world throws at me, I am strong because not only is Christ with me, but He has a mighty staff, He is in control.

Today, my sister posted on Facebook this beautiful image for me as I go through some challenges and for her girlfriend, who just lost her 23-year-old son.

Beautiful! God knows what He is doing. I am a firm believer that we may not understand why something happens and we may never have the answers that we seek, but God’s plan is perfect and He is our Father who cares for us and loves us and will always protect us with His staff. So as Wilson Phillips tells us hold on for one more day…things will go your way! One thing is for certain…it is totally true is God is holding all your piece together to give you complete peace!

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