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Finding Peace

How do we balance this crazy world we live in? With the faith that we have in the Lord!

A Picture of Peace Lily Indoor plant

A Picture of Peace Lily (credit: Wikipedia)

When little children are killed randomly and violently?
When good people tragically and unexpectedly die?
When loved ones battle illness, depression and loneliness?
When a soldier fighting for freedom doesn’t come home?

Faith. It’s the only thing that holds me up. St. Paul tells us “The Lord is near. Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that

surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

These words and many scripture passages help me keep in balance. It is the only thing that can. When our nation mourns the tragic loss of children in Newtown, Connecticut, we seek answers. There are no answers, there can only be questions. But we also

must realize our questions may not be answered.

I have heard news reporters say “it’s gonna take a long time to heal our wounds.” And it should. We lost children filled with potential, dreams, hopes and love. We should never heal. This nation has a hole in its hearts, for every child lost, for every soldier lost, for every parent lost, for every lost soul. We need to gather and hold each other through it. We need to soften the raw edges of the hole, but it can never be filled with anything but the love of Christ.

The preciousness of life was cracked once again.
The school did everything right procedurally and still great sadness entered the world.
May we find peace in Christ, who is Peace. Because the peace of God surpasses all understanding and will guard our nation’s heart.

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Peace through pieces

What is happening?

How do we find peace through the pieces of our lives?

Especially when the pieces are falling apart…

I can’t stop thinking about all the pain that surrounds us every day. The horrific lost of life in Aurora, Colorado, the loss of a loved one unexpectedly, the loss of someone after a long illness or the devastating diagnosis of disease.

What holds your life together? What keeps the pieces from falling apart?

Years ago my nephew was asked by his first grade teacher what he was thankful for. He said his bones, because without them he would be a puddle of skin on the ground. So insightful for a first grader! He knew his bones were a vital part of his body that held everything together.

I reflected on that with all the uncertainty in my life. With all the uncertainty in society around us. The only certainty in life, is that nothing is certain.

What  I know is that Christ is certain. Christ holds all my pieces together and makes a masterpiece out of my life. I only have to release the wheel and let him drive.

Sometimes giving the wheel to Christ is hard to do. We are programmed from a young age to be independent and a leader. But a leader does not always be the smartest or most successful. Usually the most admired in the room is the humblest, kindest and selfless person. A trait I am sure that you would discover in each of those people is that Christ is at the center of their pieces, holding them together.

As I watched the videos of families that lost loved ones in Aurora Colorado, you could see the strength of those being held together by faith. Amid the horrific and senseless loss of life, there is hope, strength and faith. Balancing life and faith in inconceivable moments – thank God He is the glue!

Psalm  23:4 Even though I walk through the valley of the  shadow of death,  I will fear no evil, for you are with  me; your rod and your staff,  they  comfort me.

No matter what this world throws at me, I am strong because not only is Christ with me, but He has a mighty staff, He is in control.

Today, my sister posted on Facebook this beautiful image for me as I go through some challenges and for her girlfriend, who just lost her 23-year-old son.

Beautiful! God knows what He is doing. I am a firm believer that we may not understand why something happens and we may never have the answers that we seek, but God’s plan is perfect and He is our Father who cares for us and loves us and will always protect us with His staff. So as Wilson Phillips tells us hold on for one more day…things will go your way! One thing is for certain…it is totally true is God is holding all your piece together to give you complete peace!

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Who’s driving here?

I sometimes feel like I’m heading somewhere alert to my surroundings and then realize I have no idea how I got there.

Now, I’m a good driver, so don’t worry about me crashing your into your back-end. I’m just saying like this morning, I’m driving along behind a landscape truck with a trailer on the back. I’m thinking that it’s gonna be a slow ride into work today (trailers never have as much pick up as cars). Then I remember saying to myself,there must be something God wants me to see today. So He slowed me down.

Suddenly two light later the trailer is gone…the truck is gone…and I am thinking “how did I miss him turn?” Am I that absentminded? Was I focused in my morning prayers so much that I’m not alert? Was the truck ever really there?

I started to think of how many things happen right in front of us and we never see it.

Are we wearing blinders?
How can I be more aware of my surrounding?
How can I be more present to those around me?

Life takes some funny twists and turns sometimes and we are thrown around as if our heads are spinning. But I know that I am never in control of the wheel, I can only choose to let myself be steered into the right direction.

Back to my eyes being opened…

So now I am hyper alert as I’m driving. Believe me I would not even miss you tossing out your empty apple core…I’m watching…eyes wide open! And I see it…two eagles soaring above the tree line on 127th street. It takes such little effort for them to more their wings and they can glide for so far. Darting in and out of the tree tops, I was able to watch this beautiful sight for about a mile.

They were sent to comfort me, to bring me peace, to help me focus on days ahead. For the eagle is strong and he soars to heights in glory. So too am I looking forward to strength and new heights!

Thanks for showing me the way!

What did you open your eyes to this day?

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Your vision

I’m leading a Guided Meditation for children today and am really looking forward to it.

Have you tried meditation? Center yourself, close your eyes and relax.

It is so focused, so calming, so peaceful. I helps me clear my mind and concentrate on a single vision or thought.

This past month has brought me personally to daily silent meditation. I find that when in painful or challenging situations I can bring myself to that place. Thriving through the situation into a place of peace.

There are many different guided meditations that you can use to begin, just search online to find one. I have also experience silent mediation which is amazing, but it has its challenges. There are always distracting thoughts running through my head. What do I need to accomplish today, what did I forget to do yesterday…me and my “to do” list! But I begin again…breath deeply, remember my mantra of the day and focus.

Try it today and let me know how you like it!

Think about what you want to be your vision…a untouched ski run, the quiet wind on your face as your look past your porch, a beautiful calm day on a beach, your families embrace, or the Lord holding you. Your vision is YOURS, and it can be different every time to meditation. Allow it to bring you to the place you need to be that day. To move yourself away from the snares of this world and into the peace and tranquility of the center of your heart.

What tools give you freedom from the madness of the world?

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A drive or a journey…

So what do you call your travel to and from work each day? Commute…Travel…Drive…Madness…Stressful?

I use to consider mine a “commute”. I’d drive ten minutes out of my way to catch the expressway for the 36 minute drive in. It was easy, I could put the cruise on 70 and coast to work, saying the morning prayers along the way. It became routine, humdrum, monotonous, tedious…boring. I was looking at concrete and watching mile markers tick away.

Then came January 1st.  In Illinois that meant the tollways almost doubled and I vowed to put my money in my tank and not in the tollways system.

So onto the direct route. Stop and go for 160 blocks. But I was determined to make the best of it and what I discovered surprised me!

I did not want to handle the madness on LaGrange Road filled with busy shopping centers and towns, so I opted for Wolf Road and Willow Springs Road. I know what you are thinking…that way is single lane all the way!

But what I discovered was sheer peace.
First – it only took me on average 5 minutes longer (fewer miles but slower traffic)
Second – the traffic was not as bad as i thought and I liked that I wasn’t having to drive 70 to keep up with traffic

But most importantly is what I noticed.

Driving through Mokena’s quaintness each morning. Flags in front yard, stopping guards and children, churches welcoming signs, flowers beginning to bloom. The slower pace was a welcome addition to my morning.

My prayers were less rushed because I was less rushed. I took time with the Lord and was much more thankful for situations around me.

In the 160 block, I pass eight churches! I love being reminded of the importance of God in my life every few blocks.

Then after a short pass through the outskirts of Orland, I head into the Cook County Forest Preserves and the beauty of peace begins.

Traveling for miles and miles of nothing but lakes, trees, forest…green surrounding me, engulfing tree branches over the road, God’s design for our pleasure. Ducks lazily floating in the water, bikers and jogger enjoying the paths of nature, the warmth of the sun filtering between the trees into my sunroof, the deers grazing by the golf course.

I notice the greatness around me.
I bask in the beauty of creation as I reflect on my day.
I pray for those in need and my family’s needs.
I begin each day in peace.

My drive has been transformed from a commute to a journey, my thoughts are filled with positive energy and love. I never am bothered with a slow driver, because it just means I get to see something I might not have seen otherwise.

May you experience a beautiful, creative palette of splendour as you drive to work…and may it forever wonderfully affect your attitude!

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