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Finding peace among pressure

Some days are like a pressure cooker, we yearn to find the pressure valve. We get people from every angle wanting something from us. We feel the pressure of getting everything done, of not failing, of surviving until we get through it. We reason that this too shall pass. Just keep on keepin on…

Is it dedication or workaholic – is it master organizer or juggling too many things 

Our bodies are not made for that type of pressure – the valve to release the pressure are our souls. Our heavenly Father knew we would be multi-taskers. He knew we would be generous of heart and say yes to all that ask. He knew we would be people pleasers.

He loved us anyway.

Now I am not saying those things are bad, cause I’ve been guilty of them all too. I just want us all to STOP, PAUSE, BREATHE, especially with the busy holiday season ahead of us. Sometimes a “no thank you” is okay to say to someone.

The holiday season is a HOLY SEASON. We celebrate something larger than us – we celebrate the birth of Christ. What gift can be greater than that? What gift can we give Christ?

As you start compiling your gift list, really pause and think about that would be the perfect gift for this person. Gifts do not need to be materialist. Maybe write a letter of love or encouragement then frame it for them. Or take time to bake for someone else.

Last night a dear friend gave me a loaf of pumpkin bread. I so miss working with her, she always surprised us with a cupcake or loaf of bread for a holiday – it was more treasured than anything else. I knew how busy she was with four young children, but she took the time to give of herself. What a gift she is to me.

Identify those moments, breathe them in and release the pressure valve to enjoy the calm.

What gift will you give Christ this Christmas? Think about it. Add His name to your Gift list, give Him the gift of time, the gift of silence, the gift of meditation, the gift of attending church as a family, any gift will do.

Christ does not need the gift, but he waits for it ~ because He knows we need to give it to Him. Find the peace among the pressure.

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