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When the time comes to chase your dreams,
and it will, they may seem elusive;
but know you won’t catch them all at once.
Just one challenge at a time.

When success comes,
and it will, don’t gobble it up
savor and share it and it will last.

When love comes,
and it will, don’t bury it in expectations and projections
be prepared to fall in love all over again every day.

When the unexpected and inconceivable intrudes on life,
and it will, deal with life’s actual events –
don’t obsess about perceived eventualities.

Relax and enjoy the ride.

Michael J. Fox, actor and activist

When life happens to you, do you see the sun or the night? Do you look to what can be positive and bright or do you huddle in the darkness waiting to be saved?

Well you are saved. You are strong! You can move forward.

When life throws rocks at you, raise your arm and crush them into fine gravel for your journey.

Sometimes we have addictions, anxieties, illnesses, challenges, and disappointments in our lives – but they are a small part of our life if we look for the sunshine!

When we expect goodness, light and love, we are forever surprised at what is then handed us. Sometime we have an uphill battle to climb. Sometimes we lose a parent or fail a test or get terrible news at the doctors. I try to always remember  that there are others that are experiencing much more heartache and despair than what I am experiencing. I focus on the good in my life. I focus on how to help others. I focus on clarity. I focus on opportunities to reach out instead of curling up.

When there is gray clouds, fill them in with bright yellow!

The ride is so much brighter in the sun!
I am looking forward to the day I am strong enough physically to climb behind my husband on his Harley and drive off to Relax and Enjoy the Ride!

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Bring me balance

The turbulence of life can plummet at us in an instance.
Our lives can be turned upside down without notice.
Normal today is not normal tomorrow, change is inevitable.
How do we balance all the pain, suffering, heartaches with all the joy, happiness and love through the transitions of life?

The past two weeks have been a roller coaster ride for my family. If ever there was a time that we are out of balance and flooded with uncertainty it’s now. Often when we feel most comfortable and content is when we are called to reach deep into our hearts and deal with the storms of life.

Last week started with my husband being called in Monday morning to cutbacks and his job eliminated. Devastating to any family, especially in this job market. We discovered by the end of the week the unemployment will not cover our losses – less than 20% of his income, since our children are not dependents the rate drops rapidly. Friday we left for Phoenix to move our daughter into her apartment where she is teaching with heavy hearts, the reality that she will no longer lives with us sinking into our consciousness. Our baby girl has grown up. As we returned home we discovered messages from the doctor wanting to see my husband for follow-up to his blood work. The dark thoughts began to seep in.


People get pulled into darkness and despair and believe me, I could see the black hole spiraling next to us.
But we looked upward and saw the light.
This world can be seen through a negative lens if you choose to.

What do you choose?
I choose GOODNESS,  I choose LIGHT,  I choose LIFE,  I choose FAITH!!

But we are so blessed with a loving family, supportive friends and a faithful Father that will never leave us.

“He will be with you and will never fail you or forsake you.
So do not fear or be dismayed” Deut 31:8

The doctor’s visit was fine, some improvements in his counts…good news
Friends and colleagues writing letters of recommendations and getting the word out for open positions…grace
Learning that although unemployment is over 9% now, in the technology job market, it’s only 3%…hope
Seeing our daughter in a safe, secure, lovely apartment; meeting her students and seeing how she is living her dream…delight

BLESSINGS in the storms…GOD’S GRACE in time of trouble…

After experiencing this initial period of storms and understanding there are most likely more still to come, I can understand how people can fall into despair and depression. It’s an effort every day to see the goodness and love that is in front of you.

We have a choice to balance our lows with our highs…or we can sink into loneliness and fear.
Oh, don’t get me wrong, I found myself sinking with the onset of so much evil so quickly sent our way. But I sank to my knees in prayer.

I looked to someone who could actually do something to help me. And I find peace in my moments of doubt in His love.

Years ago, we decided to close our retail shop and although we both had jobs waiting for us it was still a transition. A loss. A change.
I was constantly drawn to Proverbs 3:5 through out that period

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
on your own intelligence do not rely;
In all your ways be mindful of him,
and he will make straight your path.

We survived that transition and we will survive this too.

I have always prayed for those unemployed and under-employed, but now I pray in unison with them.

The mantra I am drawn to find balance and peace with today is in knowing that: “Jesus I trust in You!”

Can I get an AMEN!!

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Cleaning your windows

The story is told of an old woman who lived in a small house.
Every morning she would get up and make her cup of coffee and sit by her favorite chair right next to the window.
Everyday, this was her routine. On this particular day, she peeked through the window and she made an ugly face. A disgusted face.
She could see her new neighbor in her back yard hanging up her clothes to dry.
The old women ranted under her breath, “That lady does not know how to wash her clothes! Look at’um! They’re hideous! I ought to go and teach her how to wash her clothes right now!”
This happened for a couple of months, and every single time she would see her new neighbor drying her clothes, she would make her rantings.
One afternoon, the new neighbor’s kids where playing ball in the back yard after the mother hung up their clothes to dry. Suddenly, the kids some how broke the old woman’s window. The old woman walked frantically to the scene of the crime. She looked out her broken window, and was in shock. “The neighbors clothes?” She said, “They’re so, so, clean!”
The old woman hadn’t cleaned her window in over 30 years!
The dirty window impaired her vision.

Are we seeing the world through dirty windows?
Do we see what we want to see or are we open to the truth?
Is your vision impaired?
Sometimes we are too close-minded to see what is truly in front of us.

We sit and complain from our “kitchen chair” – we think we can do things better – we are the perpetual arm-chair quarterback and the back seat driver.
We judge others and situations we do not understand.
We do not realize our errors, until the “window is broken” – we need a shatter moment in our lives to bring us back to reality sometimes.

Then once the window is broken, the SUN shines through, we are almost blinded by the light and the truth – We can no longer close our eyes!
We have to admit our weaknesses and faults, embrace the truth and reach out to others to help clean their windows and

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Movie Moment Monday

To balance your everyday life with your faith take a moment and contemplate what this Holy Week brings.
Find time this week to pause and reflect on the gift of faith.
Enjoy this clip from 

Holy Week

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Inner beauty on the outside

Beauty – what do you see when you look in the mirror?

Our loved ones tell us “It’s what’s inside that counts.” Then in the next breath someone in the room says, “Wow did you see (fill in the blank movie star) they look so great! Wish I had their (eyes or shape or hair).

We each have so many incredible qualities, physical – emotionally – and – spiritually, how do we honestly see ourselves and others?

Ellen DeGeneres had on about a month ago an incredible teenager who sang like an angel – she was discovered on youtube – but with all the many viral hits, she is also receiving death threats. Yes, I said death threats. Because, she explained, she is heavy – people are actually saying she should not be singing in public because of her size and worse – unbelievable!  Let’s look at the heart of a person?

A girlfriend’s young son in school took a picture of himself to distort on the school’s new Mac computers for a project. The program takes the pic and makes it look like those wavy mirrors they had at carnivals or the Museum of Science and Industry. Remember them? Well he looked fat in one of the images and someone said “Yikes! That’s what you would look like if you were fat – disgusting!” – right in front of him at school. It hurt this child deeply, crying to his mother he felt as if they said “I’ll only like you if you are thin.”

Our bodies are a gift from God and we need to care for them. I’m not saying let yourself go and don’t care about what happens. I’m saying love yourself enough to embrace the inner beauty of YOU! Embrace your father’s nose or your curvy waist – it’s YOU!

There are so many ways we “pamper” ourselves – and I love that ability! Coloring your hair, dressing to the nines or joining a gym should be done because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. You can decide what to alter or beautify on the outer-self – but not at the expense of the inner-self.

Build a solid inner-self foundation, don’t speak or judge others on body image and you will be happy with your appearance. God did not create only one type of flower – but hundreds of shapes and colors and fragrances to look enjoy. Stop, admire and smell the flowers, then embrace and love the image in the mirror – you are a wonderfully made!

Love yourself from the inside-out and you will radiate so brightly others will see only LIGHT!! Enjoy your day!!

Guard your inner spirit more than any treasure, for it is the source of life. An ancient sage

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