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Who’s driving here?

I sometimes feel like I’m heading somewhere alert to my surroundings and then realize I have no idea how I got there.

Now, I’m a good driver, so don’t worry about me crashing your into your back-end. I’m just saying like this morning, I’m driving along behind a landscape truck with a trailer on the back. I’m thinking that it’s gonna be a slow ride into work today (trailers never have as much pick up as cars). Then I remember saying to myself,there must be something God wants me to see today. So He slowed me down.

Suddenly two light later the trailer is gone…the truck is gone…and I am thinking “how did I miss him turn?” Am I that absentminded? Was I focused in my morning prayers so much that I’m not alert? Was the truck ever really there?

I started to think of how many things happen right in front of us and we never see it.

Are we wearing blinders?
How can I be more aware of my surrounding?
How can I be more present to those around me?

Life takes some funny twists and turns sometimes and we are thrown around as if our heads are spinning. But I know that I am never in control of the wheel, I can only choose to let myself be steered into the right direction.

Back to my eyes being opened…

So now I am hyper alert as I’m driving. Believe me I would not even miss you tossing out your empty apple core…I’m watching…eyes wide open! And I see it…two eagles soaring above the tree line on 127th street. It takes such little effort for them to more their wings and they can glide for so far. Darting in and out of the tree tops, I was able to watch this beautiful sight for about a mile.

They were sent to comfort me, to bring me peace, to help me focus on days ahead. For the eagle is strong and he soars to heights in glory. So too am I looking forward to strength and new heights!

Thanks for showing me the way!

What did you open your eyes to this day?

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Destination or Journey

Oh my! I can’t believe it has been a month since I posted…Well, I promise to get myself back on track!

I was at a Conference a few weeks ago where the presenter posed the question:
“Are you a destination person or a journey person?”

Think about it…some may say aren’t you on a journey to your destination? But he posed the question as two separate descriptions and after reflecting on his description I clearly see the difference.

Our family drives on most of our vacations, we always have. We love the time we share in the car, just the four of us together. When my children were in grade school, we filled the car with books and games, never a television, a tv is contradictory to everything about a road trip? Back on point…my husband does most of the driving (by his choice) and looks at the road as a means to an end – let’s get to Colorado! I see the time in the car and the places along the way as an exciting adventure and part of the experience. Both are fine, but uniquely different. He wants to get to the destination and I enjoy the journey along the way. He wants to get their to start the vacation and I want to stop at this small town to see this cute museum in the brochure. Maybe because I totally trust that he is going to get us to the destination therefore I am able to enjoy the journey, but we approach it differently don’t we?

What about every day, not just vacations?
How do you approach your day?
Do you want to get to work, put in your time and get home?
Do you enjoy the relationships you are building everyday?
Do you stop during the day and take in all that is around you?

Are you a destination person or a journey person?

Life has thrown some curve balls along my way, as we all have in our lives. My husband lost a job, a child moves cross-country, a sister moves to China (literally), turmoil and distrust in organizations involved in plus stress in and out of the day. We all deal with these types of situations throughout life, but think about how we deal with them.

Life is filled with wonderful surprises throughout the hardships…are we looking for them? Are we allowing ourselves to experience the journey? Can we embrace the struggles with the joys?

Balancing the hills and valleys of our lives can be a miraculous adventure if we wrap our arms around our faith and hold on with a smile knowing that the journey to the destination is a roller coaster ride of thrills and shrills!

Enjoy the journey!


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The Way

Have you seen the movie “The Way”?
It’s in theaters now, starring Martin Sheen.

What path does life lead you down? We have so many choices each day from the moment we awake. What to wear, what to eat, which road to travel to work, relationships to build, relationships to mend, relationships to let go. How we react to others says so much about our character. This movie is a beautiful tribute to the pilgrims that walk the path that St. James took to Camino de Santiago. This can be a 500 mile trek for some, a pilgrimage that can be life changing.

Witnessing the amazing countryside of Spain and the hospitality of villagers, the pilgrims walk in solitude or with strangers that become friends. Often they are working out struggles in their lives that the real world allows them to hide. But we can not hide from the rocks that God allows in our lives. But he also gives us the ability to smooth those rough edges away.

What are we hiding by not being our true selves?
What do we need time in solitude to pray about?

Are there people who have come into your life at moments when you are in need of a different perspective, a calm voice, a warm embrace. Martin Sheen resists sharing his life and his journey with anyone, but life has another route planned for him. To watch his growth through his long walk shows us the way of our own journey, or at least what we try to avoid and that which awaits us.

We can not escape life and all of the rocky paths that lie ahead.
But wait!
Around the corner is the smooth, gentle landscape that give us joy, hope and love!

Watch this inspirational story that has a father embarking on a historical pilgrimage to honor his son’s desire to finish the journey of The Way. What Tom doesn’t plan on is the profound impact the journey will have on him and the life he began comfortable with as a widow with a routine life.

You will see yourself in so many of the characters and grow as they develop throughout the movie. It’s so worth your time – Enjoy!!

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Jesus & Dr Seuss

Sometimes life can be a series of “no thank you” or just plain “no”.

Sam I Am from Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham gets “no” throughout the whole book.
But he keeps asking anyway. It appears that Sam looks at what the person needs and wants are then changes his approach. Would you like them in a box, with a fox; in a boat, with a goat?

Finally, Sam is successful and the Green Eggs and Ham are tasted…and guess what! They taste great!
He will eat them in a box, with a fox, in a boat, with a goat!
He will eat Green Eggs and Ham, He will eat them Sam I Am.

Maybe Sam is Jesus in disguise…I know I know, you think I’m really stretching it now, but hang on just a little longer.

Jesus reaches out to us, over and over again. 
Sam was not annoying, just persistent.
Jesus keeps calling us in, through our friends, and family; through the situations in our lives.
He offers so many different faith that all led to His Father.
He offers books, support groups, online community,  prayer styles, local communities…how many different ways does He ask you to build a relationship with HIM?

Jesus is persistent and loving, patience and gentle with us, but we must know that He is waiting.

Some people think Green Eggs and Ham is about Sam pushing someone into tasting a different food. I think Sam is not pushy, he is creating rhymes and making the journey fun…never too far behind, always giving options. Then when you finally agree to taste the Green Eggs…WOW! It’s not what you expect.

I challenge you to find what way Jesus is calling you…see His gentle rhythm, in this friend, around this bend; with a song, don’t wait too long…(so I’m not Dr. Seuss)
Finally agree to follow…and WOW! It’s not what you expect!

Look at the book cover, he’s looking at it like he doesn’t understand what it could be, it looks foreign, it looks different. He hesitates, but then finally is satisfied.
The perfect fit is out there for you, whether you are searching for a church, a support group, or a prayer style that fits for you…keep letting Him follow you around, like Sam, gently nudging and one day – WOW!

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A present hidden in Edward Tulane

Okay, so do you have books on your shelf that friends and family have given you and said “you’re gonna love this book” or “this is one of my favorite books”. Well, my daughter said both of those to me about The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. I picked it up the first time a few years ago, read a few pages and never picked it up again.

This year, she bought this same book as a Christmas gift for someone and once again said “Mom, you would love this book, it was one of my favorites”, so amid the planning for Christmas, wrapping gifts, last-minute shopping and packing for a family vacation, I found myself picking up the book last night to read. And what a surprising joy when I finished it this morning!

“Why should I care what happens to an arrogant, overdressed china rabbit?” is just what I thought as I read the comment on the back cover. But I did. I saw myself and other people in Edward; so many people becoming complacent in our lives, so many people feeling lost and alone, so many hanging on to hope, so many learning to listen, and so many looking for love. Edward symbolizes all the emotions, fears, and happiness we search for.

My life seems to get so busy, that sometimes picking up a book is the last thing to do. This quick, inspiring read was truly a present my daughter was trying to give me for years – the gift of the simple pleasures of being whisked away into a story.

Give the gift of books this year – give the gift of your favorite book to someone you love – relax, rest and read this holiday season!

“You must be filled with expectancy.
You must be awash in hope.
You must wonder who will love you,
whom will you love next.”
“If you have no intention of loving or being loved,
then the whole journey is pointless.”
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

I’m off now to find another treasure sitting on a book shelf in the house…

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