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Have you ever looked at the internet tab as you are waiting for a site to download? Did you notice it says connecting and swirls until it connects to where you want to go?

Day 5 - Lunch at Panera Bread

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Sometimes the internet connects quickly and we are so happy we did not have to wait and wait. Sometimes is seems to take forever to connect.

Are we like that too? Do we connect quickly with others or is it hard for us to connect to others? Can we slow down our lives to make time for others? This past few weeks I have spent so much time connecting and reconnecting with friends. The visits and talks we have had over tea, lunch or dinner have been amazing. And the meals delicious!

My best friend from grade school and I had lunch last week after years of a Christmas card friendship as our children were growing. Even though we only lived twenty minutes apart our life path took us in different directions. Thank goodness for the connection of Christmas cards each year. She picked me up and I don’t think we stop talking and catching up for the three hours we visiting and ate Panera’s soup and sandwich.

What about Facebook? Sometimes a “friend” uses FB as an outreach for help through a rough time, sometimes it to share good news or daily moods, and sometimes it reconnects relationships. Summer of 2010 was a high school reunion year for me. The committee posted the reunion event on Facebook for all the classmates to respond. It was so good to see so many classmates at the reunion and then to keep connected with them through their posts and pictures. I love celebrating the pictures of some that are already grandparents (unbelievable, since I don’t feel old enough to be a grandparent) and some that have children graduating. I enjoy FB for the way it connects me to near and far away friends.

Connect through calls, visits, and cards. Share a comment on how you connect with those in your life.

So now the next time you look at the internet tab that is swirling around waiting to connect, pause and realize how many connections you have in your life and how you can foster those connections each day.

Call a friend and have a Panera lunch…
Embrace life and laugh with someone…and CONNECT!





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Madrigals brings Christmas Spirit

What beautiful songs…Christmas music sung accapella by beautifully ordained teens. Songs of Christ’s birth sung at a public high school – inspiring.

Being able to express our joy at the birth of Christ is the origin for this Holiday season. I was reminded of that as I sat and watched madrigals sing of the joy of the proclamation of the coming of the Lord and the Birth of Jesus. I had a delicious meals, served by wench-clad youth as the jester, ladies in waiting and troubadours entertained the crowds.

Sing out and proclaim what we celebrate in our homes.
Fill your house with music of the season and good cheer with neighbors, friends and family.

Don’t give in to the secular of this time of year.
We are celebrating a JOYFUL event!

I am so proud of those young people who so poignantly sang from their hearts and did not give in to the secular “don’t offend anyone” mentality.

Say “Merry Christmas” to everyone you meet – spread the Christmas Spirit.


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