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Treats and treats

Okay, so today is Halloween, but can we change the theme to Treats and treats. I’m really not into the tricks so much. What I absolutely love about this time of year is the cool crisp air that tells you the seasons are changing. It’s time to pull out the long sleeves shirts, sweaters, cozy blankets and toasty Ugg boots!

I so enjoy turning on the fireplace, doesn’t it just make your home seem instantly warmer? The crackling of wood and the glow of the embers is so soothing.

Yesterday and today I helped my husband finish up the yard work. It’s usually his domain, but I enjoyed working together and cleaning up the leaves, trimming the trees and clearing the dead brush. We are preparing for the long winter cold that brings the beautiful spring sunshine. Chicago is pewter skies in the winters, so when we get a day of sun, you gotta grab your time outside.

As I wind down the day and wait for the neighborhood children to come running for candy, I savor the laughter and smiles of Mickey Mouses, Elmos, Clowns, SpongeBobs, Ghosts, Devils, Spidermans and Witches because with Halloween ushers in the time of treats and treats. Enjoy Halloween, because Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are around the corner!

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