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Who’s driving here?

I sometimes feel like I’m heading somewhere alert to my surroundings and then realize I have no idea how I got there.

Now, I’m a good driver, so don’t worry about me crashing your into your back-end. I’m just saying like this morning, I’m driving along behind a landscape truck with a trailer on the back. I’m thinking that it’s gonna be a slow ride into work today (trailers never have as much pick up as cars). Then I remember saying to myself,there must be something God wants me to see today. So He slowed me down.

Suddenly two light later the trailer is gone…the truck is gone…and I am thinking “how did I miss him turn?” Am I that absentminded? Was I focused in my morning prayers so much that I’m not alert? Was the truck ever really there?

I started to think of how many things happen right in front of us and we never see it.

Are we wearing blinders?
How can I be more aware of my surrounding?
How can I be more present to those around me?

Life takes some funny twists and turns sometimes and we are thrown around as if our heads are spinning. But I know that I am never in control of the wheel, I can only choose to let myself be steered into the right direction.

Back to my eyes being opened…

So now I am hyper alert as I’m driving. Believe me I would not even miss you tossing out your empty apple core…I’m watching…eyes wide open! And I see it…two eagles soaring above the tree line on 127th street. It takes such little effort for them to more their wings and they can glide for so far. Darting in and out of the tree tops, I was able to watch this beautiful sight for about a mile.

They were sent to comfort me, to bring me peace, to help me focus on days ahead. For the eagle is strong and he soars to heights in glory. So too am I looking forward to strength and new heights!

Thanks for showing me the way!

What did you open your eyes to this day?

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What are you hungry for?

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Have you heard about the Hunger Games?

Unless you have been deep-sea diving with James Cameron you can’t escape the phenomenon that is the Hunger Games. Tweens, teens and adults have made it one of the largest gross movies openings of all times.
I read and enjoyed all three books in the series and have been amazed/amused at the controversy it has caused.
Do I think they are too violent for young children… absolutely.
Do I think they should not be required reading in middle school… of course.

But they are fiction and present an imaginary life in a well thought out story. They are written for young adult, high school aged teens and older. Does society really believe that the fiction Panem is worse than the reality television teenagers are watching? Again, they are fiction…and should be read as such.

With that expressed…

As I was reading them, I was hearing Katniss’s struggle to survive and her struggle to see her sister again.
You could see that she hungered for her father in her life again.
She hungered to not be in the situation she was placed in.
She hungered for a community that did not have to be ruled by the elite of the Capital.
She hungered to be able to trust the others around her (especially Rue and Peeta).
She hungered for an end to the games she hated, having been forced to watch them each year.

Isn’t our lives similar?
Don’t we hunger to spend more time with family?
Don’t we hunger to have relationships of trust?
Don’t we hunger to live in a society that values each and every person?
Don’t we hunger for a society to end poverty, loneliness, homelessness?

We can create a critical, negative atmosphere or we can see the good in society around us. I choose GOOD!

I choose to work for PEACE, JUSTICE and EQUALITY.

Complain all you want about the Hunger Games, it was a good read and thought-provoking on how a powerful society can become if you don’t have a voice.

THANK GOODNESS, we have a voice! But how many people don’t…do you see them…do you speak for them?

Bloggers have the freedom to express ourselves and to share our thoughts.

Look deep inside yourself…what are you hungry for?
What will you be the “girl of fire” for? Lend your voice…

The hunger I crave is for FREEDOM, ACCEPTANCE and LOVE!

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Book of James 4

The fourth chapter of James begins with “Where do the wars and where do the conflicts among you come from? Is it not from your passions that make war within your members? You covet but do not possess.” What are you willing to fight for? Is it because you are coveting something?

I was talking with someone the other day who shared her struggles of constantly being judged by neighbors. What type of car I drive, what type of house I own, what type of clothes I wear, what type of achievements I have achieved and so on. Within our own circles there are inner “wars” of envy and jealousy going on. People do covet, they try to keep up. Children with cell phones in elementary school, iPads for Christmas and cars on a 16th birthday. A life of privilege? or just a life trying to keep up the facade of privilege? My children didn’t have cell phone until they were driving and no one in my family has an iPad yet…and we are surviving just fine!

Our passion should be for our hearts, our morality, our dignity, our good name.
A good name does not come with what we have but from who we are.
How we treat others and how we reach out to those in need.

This youtube show a selfless young child thinking of others and standing up for what we believes in, it’s worth a watch.

The Girls that silenced the world

James also tells us “you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”

Life is good! There are so many blessings each and every day.
Seek them, embrace them, share them. Speak up, as this young woman did and be a mist for good in the world.

We spend time and energy on emails, texting Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Ancestry and endless hours on just surfing the web. Can we put some of that energy into releasing the things we covet and embrace the goodness of life?

We need to use these vices for good! I know they have for me!
Emails and texting have improved communication, I know when my father was battling Lymphoma, my siblings and I communicated through emails, cell phones and texts through every day with status on Dad’s outlook.
Facebook has reconnected friends and families, I have cousins and friends all over the world that I now am able to experience their children’s lives through messages and pictures.
LinkedIn and Twitter is a great was to share updates about your life also.
Pinterest and Ancestry have been my new passion for about six months now. On Ancestry I have found birth certificates, naturalization papers and census listing family members that are long gone and giving me a glimpse into their lives. Finding relatives of cousins from California to Italy. And Pinterest is a wonderful place for me to post all the website I discover and want to save for later, a much more creative and attractive way than using the favorite button. It’s also a great way to share my tastes and dreams and to see friends boards too.
So I’m a FBer, Tweeter and Pinner – all for good, positive sharing.

We don’t know what will happen tomorrow.
Worrying about how others judge you is useless, that will only spark conflict in your life.
Rise above those that covet and embrace the joys of life – share your dreams, allow others to share theirs, in whatever way works (techy or not).

Stand tall in knowing that your mist is only here for a moment, but for that moment, it provided comfort to another.

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Bring me balance

The turbulence of life can plummet at us in an instance.
Our lives can be turned upside down without notice.
Normal today is not normal tomorrow, change is inevitable.
How do we balance all the pain, suffering, heartaches with all the joy, happiness and love through the transitions of life?

The past two weeks have been a roller coaster ride for my family. If ever there was a time that we are out of balance and flooded with uncertainty it’s now. Often when we feel most comfortable and content is when we are called to reach deep into our hearts and deal with the storms of life.

Last week started with my husband being called in Monday morning to cutbacks and his job eliminated. Devastating to any family, especially in this job market. We discovered by the end of the week the unemployment will not cover our losses – less than 20% of his income, since our children are not dependents the rate drops rapidly. Friday we left for Phoenix to move our daughter into her apartment where she is teaching with heavy hearts, the reality that she will no longer lives with us sinking into our consciousness. Our baby girl has grown up. As we returned home we discovered messages from the doctor wanting to see my husband for follow-up to his blood work. The dark thoughts began to seep in.


People get pulled into darkness and despair and believe me, I could see the black hole spiraling next to us.
But we looked upward and saw the light.
This world can be seen through a negative lens if you choose to.

What do you choose?
I choose GOODNESS,  I choose LIGHT,  I choose LIFE,  I choose FAITH!!

But we are so blessed with a loving family, supportive friends and a faithful Father that will never leave us.

“He will be with you and will never fail you or forsake you.
So do not fear or be dismayed” Deut 31:8

The doctor’s visit was fine, some improvements in his counts…good news
Friends and colleagues writing letters of recommendations and getting the word out for open positions…grace
Learning that although unemployment is over 9% now, in the technology job market, it’s only 3%…hope
Seeing our daughter in a safe, secure, lovely apartment; meeting her students and seeing how she is living her dream…delight

BLESSINGS in the storms…GOD’S GRACE in time of trouble…

After experiencing this initial period of storms and understanding there are most likely more still to come, I can understand how people can fall into despair and depression. It’s an effort every day to see the goodness and love that is in front of you.

We have a choice to balance our lows with our highs…or we can sink into loneliness and fear.
Oh, don’t get me wrong, I found myself sinking with the onset of so much evil so quickly sent our way. But I sank to my knees in prayer.

I looked to someone who could actually do something to help me. And I find peace in my moments of doubt in His love.

Years ago, we decided to close our retail shop and although we both had jobs waiting for us it was still a transition. A loss. A change.
I was constantly drawn to Proverbs 3:5 through out that period

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
on your own intelligence do not rely;
In all your ways be mindful of him,
and he will make straight your path.

We survived that transition and we will survive this too.

I have always prayed for those unemployed and under-employed, but now I pray in unison with them.

The mantra I am drawn to find balance and peace with today is in knowing that: “Jesus I trust in You!”

Can I get an AMEN!!

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Ahhh! Summer!

Summer, for me, is a time to regroup from the normal routine of work. I am fortunate that I have shorter work days in the summer and a more flexible schedule. I am able to close my office for two weeks in July to give all the staff a well deserved break.

What I find myself doing, especially on those hot humid days when you want to stay in air conditioning, is purging.

Cleaning closets, desk drawer, cabinets, the pantry or the garage.
Well, you got me there, actually my husband and son did the garage. But they will tell you, I came out and gave direction on want I would like donated or tossed. 🙂 So glad they love me so much!!

Cleaning is so good for our souls and our minds.
It helps us to really look at what we have accumulated over the year (or years).
I love to help others in need, so St. Vincent DePaul Society, Morningstar Mission and Amvets rejoice…donations coming at you!

I have paid notice lately of the garbage families throw away. I don’t mean I sift through their garbage, but as I drive through neighborhoods on my way to work, the mounds of stuff amazes me. How do we stop these piles? I know the lighter feeling I have when I clean out my home, motivates me to not bring more clutter in. And why are we a throw away society, when others are in such need?

I know you feel overwhelmed sometimes…so do I.
Maybe it’s because my children are young adults that we have less stuff around the house. But know we just accumulate paperwork, books, computer gadgets and work stuff. I remember when both my children were away at college during the same year and when they came home they would say “You cleaned for me!” or “It’s always so clean when I come home” – well, it was not that I cleaned more, it just stayed cleaner with only two people in the house!  (Yes, we missed the bustle of children in the house too)

And it felt WONDERFUL!! To walk into a home that was clean and clutter free.

One day I caught one of those hoarder shows on cable. I was mesmerized. I could not believe people could let their homes get that
bad. I could understand how you feel depressed and not motivated to clean, but I could not understand why they would bring more clothes and items into the house.  Certainly a sad addiction.

There are so many people in need; emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually, we need to help in whatever way we can.

I remember two stories the Deacon’s wife told years ago and I have never forgotten them.
She worked with the poor of the parish, giving love and aid where she could.
One family would come looking for clothes for her five children. She was humble and grateful for anything that she received. The Deacon’s wife told me, “what I really wished I could give them was gift cards to buy new underwear.” I thought that an odd statement. But she went on to explain, when you can’t afford clothes, you don’t spend money on underwear. It’s enough to put food on the table, a roof over their heads and clothes on their back.  I certainly can do with one less pair of slacks so someone else can have clothes.
Then she also shared about a mother and her daughter. They lived in a one bedroom apartment together and would come to the pantry for food supplies. The Deacon’s wife would consistently have a need for cleaning supplies and personal products for these women.  Food stamps don’t cover things other than food. She said “they work with one light bulb, going from room to room and putting the bulb at the table to eat and do homework, then moving it to the bedroom or kitchen as needed.” I realized how blessed I am. I flip a switch without even thinking about the gift it is to have electricity. I began donating gift cards and items other than food. She also expressed the sadness of when having a food drive, how many people give away the food they bought, never opened because no one liked it, even if it’s expired. People in need like to have Lucky Charms and something other than Baked Beans.

What a grace experience to really peer into another life. Talk about humbling…

Cleaning out homes and donating under used or unused items can be a tremendous help for others and cause me little suffrage.
Cleaning helps us to release those things that are holding us back. Releasing and letting go of our “stuff” physically can help us to let go of our emotional stuff too.

I find this task that others may dread…a cleansing and refreshing experience!

So during these days of “too hot to be outside” ~ CLEAN and be CLEANSED!!

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