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Snowflake Memories

There’s something so
poetic about snowfall,
Snowflakes are
uniquely individual,

Snowflakes don’t
have a long life span,

but snowflakes make
such a unforgettable mark.

Let it Snow!!!
What an pristine sight this morning, waking up to pure, untouched snow as far as I could see. It’s a picture perfect beginning to a weekend. As I watched the snow gently brush over my deck, I instantly was brought to memories of snow fun with my children.

There is a peace in sitting in my sun room with a hot cup of chocolate and gazing at the shimmer that reflects off the top of the snow from the morning sun. It’s in that pureness that I am refreshed, as if the slate is wiped clean. White and pure.

Such is our soul through forgiveness. We too are uniquely individual, have a short life span and leave an unforgettable mark. I pray the mark I leave on others lives has always been a positive one. I forgive those who’s marks on my live have been negative and remember all the beautiful, unforgettable, endearing marks that so many have left. They have, in small ways, formed who I am today. Snow fall to me is like a burning fire is to some. Mesmerizing, intoxicating, drawing you in, not able to look away, but hypotized by it’s beauty.

Snow reminds me of the forts I made as a child with neighbors and creating a stock pile of snowball ammunition…hours of play and then warm soup and dry socks helped to stop the sniffling nose.

Snow reminds me of the snow angels my children would make all over the yard, filling the sight from our bungalow windows with heavenly images.

Snow reminds me of our chow, Bo leaping through the piles as you shoveled, trying to catch the flakes in his mouth, barking at the sound of the scraping shovel and how wonderful he looked with all that white glimmer in his fur.

Snow reminds me of years and years of skiing with my husband and children, at peace on the mountain, following tracks left by others enjoying the powder. Even traveling west to find snow so that we could experience the sensation you can only acheive while snow is falling on your eyelashes on the lift ride up and blurrying your descent down as you have a huge grin from ear to ear.

Snow reminds me of bundling warm with hat, gloves and scarf to bear the elements, only to discover that the freshness you breath in awakens senses and spirit to the purity of God.

God in his infinite wisdom gave us snow … for joy, for memories, for new beginnings. May this first snowfall of the season leave an unforgettable mark on your heart.
Enjoy the amazing, white, pure snowflakes as they fall from heaven to bring back your memories too.

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