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Emotional exercise today

Physical exercise can wait – emotional exercise is more important right now.

As I pack up my mother’s home, I lay exhausted and think, “I didn’t even go for a walk today”. I know I got a lot of bending, lifting and moving accomplished but nothing I could really “mark” in my exercise log. Then I thought, STOP – BREATHE – LISTEN

My mind is racing with what else I can get accomplished for my mother before I leave tomorrow, drawers to empty, garbage to pull out, closets to clean—STOP. Then I looked at the corner of my laptop and there it was. I first scanned the time, it’s after midnight, its’ Sunday…then I saw the date. It’s April 17th. Four years ago today, I lost one of the most lovely, fun, giving men in my life. My father was called home after a battle with lymphoma. I miss him everyday. So many at the funeral were kind and honest with their words “It doesn’t get easier, you just get use to it”.  So true those words are. If you have ever lost a loved one you understand them all too well.

I realized I need to take some time, walk his house and say good-bye. Good-bye to the memories he graced my family with at the table, playing cards, learning new games, sharing dinner, laughing…oh how he could laugh. I miss the fishing trips on his boat into the Gulf of Mexico, the sunset at their beach deck and dolphins gracefully swimming in the inlets of the bay, I even miss the times he took me golfing on the most challenging course I’ve even played (don’t go into the ruff for balls, less the alligators see you). Memories. Emotional. Spiritual. Love.

Sunday is a no physical work day – no exercise, no moving, no packing. Today we honor Dad, we say good-bye to the last home he lived in, the home he loved in the winter of his life.

May you all take a moment today and each day to remember our loves ones in a very special way.
May you be blessed with memories that outlive our earthly lives.
May you find peace in knowing you have been loved.
May you enjoy the emotional moments in life.

St. Donald Herbert, pray for us.

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The Power of a Story

Have you ever heard a story that you wanted to hear again and never tiring of it?

Maybe I just enjoyed hearing my father tell it, with a few interjections from my mother. Dad always had a twinkle in his eye when he told the story reminiscing about their beginning.

“Dad, tell me how you met Mom?”
I would ask as a child. I asked as a teenager, and I asked as a mother.
My children loved hearing the story and would ask for Dad to tell it to them.
Even while fighting lymphoma, when asked, Dad always got that twinkle in his eye and grin on his face and my mother would smile and say “I can’t believe you still remember”.

Dad’s no longer with us on earth, but today would have been their 53rd Wedding Anniversary. In honor of his memory and the years they shared together, enjoy the story.

“Dad, how did you and Mom meet?”
“I was going to a dance with some friends at 79th and Halsted and saw a group of good-looking girls crossing the street, so I swerved my car to make them jump.” Dad grinned.
Mom jumped in, “That did not impress me, I did not think much of him since he tried to hit us.”
Dad smiles gingerly and continues, “I had dated one of her friends, but your mom caught my eye. When we got inside, I asked her to dance. As we were dancing I told her she put her dress on backwards.”
Mom fluster and annoyed would explain to him the deep v neck belonged in the back, not the front and she was wearing it correctly.
By the end of the dance Dad had asked for her number, which she gave him.
She said “Are you going to write it down?” Dad replied “no, I got it” not even repeating it for her, but he would remember.
Mom walked away from the dance thinking he didn’t remember my number and he is not going to call.

We always knew the best part way coming. We would turn to Dad and say “did you remember her number?” To which he always replied, “WO9-3779” Then my Mom and Dad’s eyes would meet, his twinkling and hers smiling. You could see the love of those two young dancers.

Mom always was amazed that he still remembered the number, but everyone who heard the story and knew Dad, never questioned his love that began with the dance, the dress and the phone number.

Throughout their whole marriage, I loved watching them step onto a dance floor and move as one person always in step together, Dad leading and Mom enjoying the dance. Just like the 49 years they spent dancing in this life. Each time they took to the dance floor it would bring back the memory of their first dance.

Happy 53th Anniversary Mom and Dad – I Love You!!

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