What kind of app do I need?

As a new iPad user and a virgin Mac customer, I am steering my way through the land of apps.

I need one for productivity. I need a game. I need one for notes and one for pics.

Need? Need? Really? I don’t really need any of this. I have survived life thus far without any apps and I have raised balanced, normal children and lived a full married life. Okay if fun to reconnect with friends and be able to work from wifi spots and home, but I need to de-clutter and look at what is really important.

How can I write about balancing life and faith, while being unbalance with too much electronic technology stimuli?

Sometime I find myself on the couch watching a show with my husband and my phone, laptop and iPad within reach. I mean really? The world will not end if I am unconnected.

That’s one of the many things I admire about my husband – he comes home and shuts off. He is present for our family. He takes off his phone and pager and doesn’t see any need to have a laptop next to him. He use to bring his work home and it would affect his mood and the rest of the family. But he learned…he grow…he evolved.

He didn’t evolve into the technology world – he evolved around it. He works in IT and is submerged all day long and still has the ability to remove himself from this work lifeline.

What a gift!

There is a lesson for me to learn there. Let’s start today!

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One thought on “iPad

  1. I agree with Kevin. I am sometimes too connected. I am learning to unplug when I usually don’t. I like being connected, but not 24/7. Thanks for sharing this.

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