Who’s driving here?

I sometimes feel like I’m heading somewhere alert to my surroundings and then realize I have no idea how I got there.

Now, I’m a good driver, so don’t worry about me crashing your into your back-end. I’m just saying like this morning, I’m driving along behind a landscape truck with a trailer on the back. I’m thinking that it’s gonna be a slow ride into work today (trailers never have as much pick up as cars). Then I remember saying to myself,there must be something God wants me to see today. So He slowed me down.

Suddenly two light later the trailer is gone…the truck is gone…and I am thinking “how did I miss him turn?” Am I that absentminded? Was I focused in my morning prayers so much that I’m not alert? Was the truck ever really there?

I started to think of how many things happen right in front of us and we never see it.

Are we wearing blinders?
How can I be more aware of my surrounding?
How can I be more present to those around me?

Life takes some funny twists and turns sometimes and we are thrown around as if our heads are spinning. But I know that I am never in control of the wheel, I can only choose to let myself be steered into the right direction.

Back to my eyes being opened…

So now I am hyper alert as I’m driving. Believe me I would not even miss you tossing out your empty apple core…I’m watching…eyes wide open! And I see it…two eagles soaring above the tree line on 127th street. It takes such little effort for them to more their wings and they can glide for so far. Darting in and out of the tree tops, I was able to watch this beautiful sight for about a mile.

They were sent to comfort me, to bring me peace, to help me focus on days ahead. For the eagle is strong and he soars to heights in glory. So too am I looking forward to strength and new heights!

Thanks for showing me the way!

What did you open your eyes to this day?

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