What is “new” about the New Year

Although this post is past January 1st…it’s still a “New Year” to us all!

I never look at new resolutions that are only going to be brushed to the side.
I look for new possibilities, new adventures, new beginnings. New beginnings are a starting point. A point that has no end, no finish, only  possibilities. I look forward and not backwards..I create new dreams for the New Year.

I seek more relationships this year. Connecting with new people that bring growth into my life.
I seek more time this year. Time with loved ones, even if it’s just sitting together without talking. Presence, not presents will be reality this year.

I want to share my gratitude.
My husband finding a job…my daughter spreading her wings…my son growing in a new career…
So much to be grateful for, so much to share with others.

Our gratitude, our faith, our love, our friendship is a gift to be given and spread. I can make a difference in someone’s life by spreading my positive attitude to others.

Good bye 2011, I am so appreciative of all the joys and struggles I experienced.

I look forward with an open heart and mind to what I will uncover in 2012.
Maybe I even discover a love for sports this year…who knows, anything is possible

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