Occupy Who?

Reclaim your home! Reclaim your family! Reclaim your independence!

I get what the “Occupys” are screaming for…I totally get that we all need to have freedom of speech…and I totally get that they have the right to be heard. I understand how we all have to be passionate about something…take up the mantle, fight for a cause…
But I want to ask…

What about your family? Camping out in Central Park for a week affects more than just yourself, it affects all those around you.
Be passionate about occupying your kitchen table – make it a priority to gather together for dinner as a family.
Be passionate about occupying time at your children’s sports game – make them feel as if they are the most important person in the world to you.
Be passionate about reclaiming your independence, share that as a mentor to someone in need.
Be passionate about reclaiming time – pause and look at the leaves as they sweep past you on the sidewalk as you rush to your important task.

Be intentional, be thoughtful, be kind…Occupy your self-worth and armed with the power within you can change lives all around you without ever leaving your neighborhood.

Occupy your hometown and your home to get back to the roots that we planted in the community!

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