My cup runneth over…please stop pouring!

Have you eve felt like your cup is runneth over?
Life got you down? Holidays stressing you out . . . and they are not even here yet?
Sometimes do you want to just say “PLEASE STOP POURING!!”

Maybe it’s not about how much is being poured in, maybe it’s how it’s being processed and released out.

Do we hold on to something for too long?

Is there something we should let go, so that we can be open to something new?

I know a woman who is such a “Martha”.  Always busy, never resting and sometimes teeters on the line of being a busy-body. On the outside it appears that she is wanting to help, but her family suffers when she puts others before them. If something happens in the neighborhood, she’s there. If there is a volunteer position, she has held it or is holding it. Often she is filling her own cup, instead of learning to be a “Mary”.
Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and let him fill her cup, Martha was so busy cleaning and serving, thinking she is doing the better part, but Jesus told her Mary has chosen the better part. Who’s need is she filling? Her’s or the Lords”? Serving and helping others is part of our fabric, we should think of the needs of others, but not before our spiritual and physical health.

May your holidays be filled with “Mary” moments of resting at the feet of Jesus and leaving the “Martha” parts to take care of themselves.

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