Destination or Journey

Oh my! I can’t believe it has been a month since I posted…Well, I promise to get myself back on track!

I was at a Conference a few weeks ago where the presenter posed the question:
“Are you a destination person or a journey person?”

Think about it…some may say aren’t you on a journey to your destination? But he posed the question as two separate descriptions and after reflecting on his description I clearly see the difference.

Our family drives on most of our vacations, we always have. We love the time we share in the car, just the four of us together. When my children were in grade school, we filled the car with books and games, never a television, a tv is contradictory to everything about a road trip? Back on point…my husband does most of the driving (by his choice) and looks at the road as a means to an end – let’s get to Colorado! I see the time in the car and the places along the way as an exciting adventure and part of the experience. Both are fine, but uniquely different. He wants to get to the destination and I enjoy the journey along the way. He wants to get their to start the vacation and I want to stop at this small town to see this cute museum in the brochure. Maybe because I totally trust that he is going to get us to the destination therefore I am able to enjoy the journey, but we approach it differently don’t we?

What about every day, not just vacations?
How do you approach your day?
Do you want to get to work, put in your time and get home?
Do you enjoy the relationships you are building everyday?
Do you stop during the day and take in all that is around you?

Are you a destination person or a journey person?

Life has thrown some curve balls along my way, as we all have in our lives. My husband lost a job, a child moves cross-country, a sister moves to China (literally), turmoil and distrust in organizations involved in plus stress in and out of the day. We all deal with these types of situations throughout life, but think about how we deal with them.

Life is filled with wonderful surprises throughout the hardships…are we looking for them? Are we allowing ourselves to experience the journey? Can we embrace the struggles with the joys?

Balancing the hills and valleys of our lives can be a miraculous adventure if we wrap our arms around our faith and hold on with a smile knowing that the journey to the destination is a roller coaster ride of thrills and shrills!

Enjoy the journey!


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