The Way

Have you seen the movie “The Way”?
It’s in theaters now, starring Martin Sheen.

What path does life lead you down? We have so many choices each day from the moment we awake. What to wear, what to eat, which road to travel to work, relationships to build, relationships to mend, relationships to let go. How we react to others says so much about our character. This movie is a beautiful tribute to the pilgrims that walk the path that St. James took to Camino de Santiago. This can be a 500 mile trek for some, a pilgrimage that can be life changing.

Witnessing the amazing countryside of Spain and the hospitality of villagers, the pilgrims walk in solitude or with strangers that become friends. Often they are working out struggles in their lives that the real world allows them to hide. But we can not hide from the rocks that God allows in our lives. But he also gives us the ability to smooth those rough edges away.

What are we hiding by not being our true selves?
What do we need time in solitude to pray about?

Are there people who have come into your life at moments when you are in need of a different perspective, a calm voice, a warm embrace. Martin Sheen resists sharing his life and his journey with anyone, but life has another route planned for him. To watch his growth through his long walk shows us the way of our own journey, or at least what we try to avoid and that which awaits us.

We can not escape life and all of the rocky paths that lie ahead.
But wait!
Around the corner is the smooth, gentle landscape that give us joy, hope and love!

Watch this inspirational story that has a father embarking on a historical pilgrimage to honor his son’s desire to finish the journey of The Way. What Tom doesn’t plan on is the profound impact the journey will have on him and the life he began comfortable with as a widow with a routine life.

You will see yourself in so many of the characters and grow as they develop throughout the movie. It’s so worth your time – Enjoy!!

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