Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save;
they just stand there shining.
Anne Lamott

Where does your light come from?
Can people see you shine?
Are you running around making sure everyone knows you can do it all, be it all, shine for everyone?
Or are you standing steadfast in His grace and being a beacon for others

I was talking to a friend about who the brightest lighthouses are in our lives and if they even know how they shine. They emulate grace, love and goodness. We were sharing how at the most difficult times in our lives, a quiet gentle spirit provided us with what we needed. Sometimes, we did not even recognize who those people are until after our crisis is over, sometime we never know who they are. We also recognized that there are people who find self-worth in how involved in other people lives they are. They know all about their children, work, successes and failures. They make sure they are the first ones on the scene to help pick up the pieces. While this may seem admirable, you have to look deep within to discover their intent. Is your intent so that you can help from a deep place of goodness and love or from a place of self-absorption and escapism? Some get so involved in others lives, usually because they are running from something in their own lives. Some become the old adage of a “busy body”  because they feel more important if they can rattle off about this family. They have to be on every committee, in every meeting and be everyone’s best friend.  Maybe they are shining their light because they want their light to be the brightest, not because it’s shining the truest.

It’s hard in a society that encourages you to have as many “friends” as possible, especially on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Blog followers. But we are not created to have “followers”, we have been created to “follow”. How do we balance the social mischief that we have created. Are we a light for others in those social arenas? Or are we there to create a following, under the misguided idea that we can be everything to everyone. We can’t, but we can find grace in being confident in our God-given abilities and stand firm in our convictions.

Balancing the light we illuminate to others is about balancing life and faith.
Our faith tells us to be a light, our life wants us to be busy. Sometimes too busy.

If I walk around boasting about “what I have done” or “how I have helped someone”, my reward is already gained in my arrogance and my intent is clearly visible by all.
If I humbly affect the world around me by being my authentic self, I am a striving to be a city on a hill, without the selfish intentions.

Steer clear of those who cloak themselves with the deception of helping others for selfish reasons. Pray for true friends to be revealed to you.
Because when you  experience the Light of goodness and love, there is no comparing anything else. I am grateful for the true friends I have been blessed with and love all the relationships that God has placed in my journey and am appreciative of the wisdom to see the false light when presented in my life.

May I be a shining light for others in their time of need, as they have been for me!

“You are like a light in the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden. So also with a lamp. People do not light a lamp and put it under a basket. But they put it on the place for a lamp. Then all the people in the house can see its light. So let your light shine to all people. Then they will see the good things you do. And they will praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5: 14-16

May your life be blessed with
     true friends and pure intentions
          that will be a lighthouse in your dark hours!

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