Tips, Gifts & Inspiration Friday

Okay, I know it’s Saturday. I did not have time to share yesterday and then I found this today and am so inspired by their commitment to help the homeless that I wanted to share this with you. So here’s a TGIF on Saturday 🙂

I held an event similar to this years ago with a group of youth ministry teens and they were forever changes (as was I) to know what it means to be homeless. I also experienced World Youth Day in Germany, where we sleep outside over half million youth in the cold, huddled together with just a blanket. This weekend, teens from across the world are in Spain for another World Youth Day and will experience the same thing. Appreciate the home, furnishings, food and love you have always…

I pray that this video will touch your heart to be kinder to those on the street and understand how they need not only our prayers, but our help.

Join them for BoxCity and help fight homelessness…Friday, September 16, 2011 if you can.

Check out the video and find out more information, click

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