Cleaning your windows

The story is told of an old woman who lived in a small house.
Every morning she would get up and make her cup of coffee and sit by her favorite chair right next to the window.
Everyday, this was her routine. On this particular day, she peeked through the window and she made an ugly face. A disgusted face.
She could see her new neighbor in her back yard hanging up her clothes to dry.
The old women ranted under her breath, “That lady does not know how to wash her clothes! Look at’um! They’re hideous! I ought to go and teach her how to wash her clothes right now!”
This happened for a couple of months, and every single time she would see her new neighbor drying her clothes, she would make her rantings.
One afternoon, the new neighbor’s kids where playing ball in the back yard after the mother hung up their clothes to dry. Suddenly, the kids some how broke the old woman’s window. The old woman walked frantically to the scene of the crime. She looked out her broken window, and was in shock. “The neighbors clothes?” She said, “They’re so, so, clean!”
The old woman hadn’t cleaned her window in over 30 years!
The dirty window impaired her vision.

Are we seeing the world through dirty windows?
Do we see what we want to see or are we open to the truth?
Is your vision impaired?
Sometimes we are too close-minded to see what is truly in front of us.

We sit and complain from our “kitchen chair” – we think we can do things better – we are the perpetual arm-chair quarterback and the back seat driver.
We judge others and situations we do not understand.
We do not realize our errors, until the “window is broken” – we need a shatter moment in our lives to bring us back to reality sometimes.

Then once the window is broken, the SUN shines through, we are almost blinded by the light and the truth – We can no longer close our eyes!
We have to admit our weaknesses and faults, embrace the truth and reach out to others to help clean their windows and

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