Tips, Gifts & Inspiration Friday

Well as inspiration goes, you can’t be more inspired , relaxed and balanced than with yoga.

I’ve practiced yoga on and off for over 20 years…anyone remember Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness yoga video in the 80’s!!? Well that’s how I was introduced to yoga and I loved it!

Nowadays, I usually just grab some yoga from Comcast OnDemand’s Exercise TV or a routine I put together to help stretch my stress areas of hips and shoulders.  However my baby sister is in town before she leaves for Shanghai, China with her family to teach for two years.  Well Toni is a dedicated yoga-ista, 4-5 times a week before leaving her home in Colorado, and she was looking for yoga in the Frankfort area. So last night, we planned on a 6:00 AM yoga this morning… yeah, I did say 6:00 AM!!

But the 6:00 AM session of gentle yoga was wonderful – you can check out the yoga studio at Yoga for You.

The gentle breathe in and out, relaxing postures and kind fellow stretchers helped to start the day balanced and filled with inspiration.

May your Friday begin a weekend of balance, and if stress finds you, may you breathe in slowing and breathe out and release all the tensions of the day.


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