What’s your Passion?

I am inspired and humbled by people who are living life with passion.

Passion…doing what you love, being who you are meant to be, spreading your joy to others!

I have a dear friend who is an incredible teacher and administrator. She has been praying and waiting for an opportunity to share her passion with preschoolers after a management change found her without a job. And lo and behold prayers answered. Check out Christi’s passion…she is creating a preschool at St. Peter’s United Church in Frankfort. Her brochure can be found at http://www.stpeters-preschool.com/. Christi is kind, compassionate, creative, child-focused and an incredible gift to all the children she has taught over the years. Her passion is preschool children and it shows in her attention to detail and planning. She begins everything with the child in mind and will build a wonderful preschool. I admire her passion!

Some are lucky and their passion becomes their job, so they get paid for doing what they absolutely love –  AWESOME!  But your passion does not have to be your job, it can shine through your everyday actions.

I have a friend that works full-time, is raising two young child and then finds the time for her passion. Jen’s passion is helping to protect our precious resources. She takes time each day to share a “homemade bug spray” concoction or a new recipe that she has discovered. Her blog can be found at http://greenmomintheburbs.wordpress.com/, she is intelligent, funny and committed to making the world better. I love her passion!

So I will ask again, What are you passionate about?

Maybe your passion is sports or babies; maybe it’s crafting or singing; maybe it’s your relationships or reading, acting or cooking…
It can be anything, because you can love anything. Discover your passion, learn new things, try new things until you discover your passion.

You are a uniquely created individual with gifts and talents that are screaming to come out of you, be used and shared by you, discover them!

Just be true to who you are,
live your best life,
throw your worries into the wind
and be PASSIONATE everyday!

Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.
Harvey Fierstein

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