You Can Do It!

     You Can Do It!
     This poster shows strength, but not muscle strength.
     To me it symbolizes our inner strength; to endure hardship with grace.
     Women have been through struggles throughout history but nothing is more important to us than family.
     A US ship from World War Two has the mark of working women. Proving that women are willing and capable of  taking care of others across seas and in their homes.  We are strong, we are invisible, we are women!

     History shows that when we put our minds and hearts to a task, we achieve! Even before we built ships, we fought. Fought for our rights and freedom. One of the most poignant movies everyone should watch is Iron Jawed Angels, starring Hilary Swank. Check it out at It will inspire you to be the best person you can when you realize the struggles others went through so that you can have the freedoms you have.

Think about who you really are, what you really what to acheive and believe that you have the strength of so many others holding you up.
You Can Do It!

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