A Friend…

A Friend…
Accepts you as you are; Belives in you; Calls you just to say “hi”;
Doesn’t give up on you; Envisions the whole of you;
Forgives your mistakes; Gives unconditionally; Helps you;
Invites you over; Just spends time with you;
Keeps you close at heart; Loves you for who you are;
Makes a difference in your life; Never judges; Offers support;
Picks you up; Quiets your fears; Raises your spirit;
Says nice things about you;
Tells you the truth when you need to hear it;
Understands; Values you; Walks besides you;
X-plains things when you don’t understand;
Yells at you when you need it; and Zaps you back to reality

Today we visit with family and friends; laughing and reminiscing, sharing stories and catching up with our busy lives. These family moments for some only happen a few times a year. We spend so much time at work, in front of a computer or alone in our homes. We need the connections of friends. We seek to connect to others through so many forms of communications. Hugs at Easter and family events are welcomed with open arms and hearts. We need human connection. Friends can fill this void for us.

True friendships make our lives burst with love and joy!
Thank goodness for our friends!!
Embrace and Thank those around you today!

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