Inner beauty on the outside

Beauty – what do you see when you look in the mirror?

Our loved ones tell us “It’s what’s inside that counts.” Then in the next breath someone in the room says, “Wow did you see (fill in the blank movie star) they look so great! Wish I had their (eyes or shape or hair).

We each have so many incredible qualities, physical – emotionally – and – spiritually, how do we honestly see ourselves and others?

Ellen DeGeneres had on about a month ago an incredible teenager who sang like an angel – she was discovered on youtube – but with all the many viral hits, she is also receiving death threats. Yes, I said death threats. Because, she explained, she is heavy – people are actually saying she should not be singing in public because of her size and worse – unbelievable!  Let’s look at the heart of a person?

A girlfriend’s young son in school took a picture of himself to distort on the school’s new Mac computers for a project. The program takes the pic and makes it look like those wavy mirrors they had at carnivals or the Museum of Science and Industry. Remember them? Well he looked fat in one of the images and someone said “Yikes! That’s what you would look like if you were fat – disgusting!” – right in front of him at school. It hurt this child deeply, crying to his mother he felt as if they said “I’ll only like you if you are thin.”

Our bodies are a gift from God and we need to care for them. I’m not saying let yourself go and don’t care about what happens. I’m saying love yourself enough to embrace the inner beauty of YOU! Embrace your father’s nose or your curvy waist – it’s YOU!

There are so many ways we “pamper” ourselves – and I love that ability! Coloring your hair, dressing to the nines or joining a gym should be done because you want to, not because you feel like you have to. You can decide what to alter or beautify on the outer-self – but not at the expense of the inner-self.

Build a solid inner-self foundation, don’t speak or judge others on body image and you will be happy with your appearance. God did not create only one type of flower – but hundreds of shapes and colors and fragrances to look enjoy. Stop, admire and smell the flowers, then embrace and love the image in the mirror – you are a wonderfully made!

Love yourself from the inside-out and you will radiate so brightly others will see only LIGHT!! Enjoy your day!!

Guard your inner spirit more than any treasure, for it is the source of life. An ancient sage

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