Dare to be Different

Are you a follower or a leader?
Is it easier to remain silent while others give opinions that you do not agree with? Don’t rock the boat, right?
Go with the flow…keep the peace.  

This weekend at a Confirmation the Bishop spoke to the young people about daring to be different. He challenged them to live the faith they are embracing and keep the faith alive…especially when confronted with obstacles. At confirmation they receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. What will they do with those gifts?

Will they dare to be different? Will they speak up for those in need?
Will they use those gifts to make a difference?

Being a leader is not an easy path to follow, even for adults. I know the adults in the church listened to the message too, but did they hear that it also applies to them.  Everyone needs to dare to be different.

When you see someone slip on ice…do you laugh or do you help?
When people talk about someone negatively…do you join in or do you speak up?
When you see someone that is alone…do you turn your head, or do you at least smile? Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a simple smile or touch.

Don’t let another day go by without making a difference in someone else’s life. Use your gifts to make a difference.
If you have the gift of laughter…make someone laugh
If you have the gift of cooking…make someone brownies
If you have the gift of time…visit someone homebound
If you have the gift of creativity…create gifts for others
If you have the gift of prayer…pray for others

Simple differences..huge impacts.

There is a great children’s book called “One Smile” by Cindy McKinley that illustrates beautifully how one smile from a young child changes the course of a man’s life as he sits on a park bench, sad because he is unemployed.  The smile gave him the strength to get up and see a silver lining. Then it continues to be paid forward to so many people, with a full circle at the end to the child.

A simple smile…a powerful tool.
How will you use your smile today?

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One thought on “Dare to be Different

  1. Geri Condon

    Hi Janet,
    I am just reading some of your posts because, well, life has been crazy. Anyway, my youngest just received his Confirmation on Sunday. I taught 9 of the 94 kids who were Confirmed. So I totally agree with your sentiments! Hope all is well!

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