Jesus & Dr Seuss

Sometimes life can be a series of “no thank you” or just plain “no”.

Sam I Am from Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham gets “no” throughout the whole book.
But he keeps asking anyway. It appears that Sam looks at what the person needs and wants are then changes his approach. Would you like them in a box, with a fox; in a boat, with a goat?

Finally, Sam is successful and the Green Eggs and Ham are tasted…and guess what! They taste great!
He will eat them in a box, with a fox, in a boat, with a goat!
He will eat Green Eggs and Ham, He will eat them Sam I Am.

Maybe Sam is Jesus in disguise…I know I know, you think I’m really stretching it now, but hang on just a little longer.

Jesus reaches out to us, over and over again. 
Sam was not annoying, just persistent.
Jesus keeps calling us in, through our friends, and family; through the situations in our lives.
He offers so many different faith that all led to His Father.
He offers books, support groups, online community,  prayer styles, local communities…how many different ways does He ask you to build a relationship with HIM?

Jesus is persistent and loving, patience and gentle with us, but we must know that He is waiting.

Some people think Green Eggs and Ham is about Sam pushing someone into tasting a different food. I think Sam is not pushy, he is creating rhymes and making the journey fun…never too far behind, always giving options. Then when you finally agree to taste the Green Eggs…WOW! It’s not what you expect.

I challenge you to find what way Jesus is calling you…see His gentle rhythm, in this friend, around this bend; with a song, don’t wait too long…(so I’m not Dr. Seuss)
Finally agree to follow…and WOW! It’s not what you expect!

Look at the book cover, he’s looking at it like he doesn’t understand what it could be, it looks foreign, it looks different. He hesitates, but then finally is satisfied.
The perfect fit is out there for you, whether you are searching for a church, a support group, or a prayer style that fits for you…keep letting Him follow you around, like Sam, gently nudging and one day – WOW!

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