What if?

What if?
What if my life was different?
What if I made different decisions?
What if you and I had never met and became friends?
What if we said no to God’s gifts; my spouse, my children, my life?
What if?

Watching Nadya Suleman on a talk show say that if she knew 3 years ago what she knows today, she would not have gotten pregnant with her octuplets. What is the purpose of thinking this way? We need to live in the present, not the “what ifs?” I believe everything that happens in life is placed in your life for a reason. It may be a wonderful, exciting experience or a sad, challenging experience. We are our experiences.
It made me wonder…how our perception affects everything.

My cousin’s daughter was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) November of 2009. Some of the worst words parents can ever hear. I can not even imagine. Are you angry at God for this happening or do you accept this and move forward. This young woman taught so many through her bravery and attitude. Early in her treatment the doctors told her she blood type was B+, not knowing her blood type, she replied that’s the best one, BE POSITIVE!
It became the mantra for her road to recovery. A bone marrow transplant last February proved to be a new lease on life for her as she finished her senior year of high school and went off to college this past fall, AML free!
Attitude is everything. She could have said “what if”. What if I never got AML…then she would not have been an inspiration for others at the hospital, her family and so many friends. What if I got mad at God for doing this and turned away from my faith? She accepted what had been handed her and turned it into positive energy. Thanking all those that prayed for her along the way. 

What if we never said “what if”? Can you imagine a world with people only embracing the presence?

Let’s be grateful for what happened today, good and bad.
Let’s remove “what if” from our vocabulary and replace it with B+!

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