Coloring…release your inner child

 This week I got to do something I have not done in years – picking up crayons and COLORING!!

It was only a bookmark, but crayons in front of me, I flew back to the days of my childhood. Staying within the lines I carefully chose the colors I wanted and began to fill in the bookmark. The act of coloring released an inner child.

I remember the box of 96 crayons with the sharpener on the back. All the colors available to choose from. All the colors I could imagine. All the imaginative names of the colors.  Like Burnt OrangeCadet Blue, Olive Green or Laser Lemon. Now there are over 400 different colors, but I was blissfully happy with my box of 96. You can see what are America’s top 50 Crayola colors by going to crayola’s site:

Then last night, I met up with some girlfriends I have not seen since before Christmas. As we exchanged Christmas gifts, lo and behold, in one of the bags was a candle, a book Laugh Anyway Mom and a downloaded Laugh Anyway Coloring Book!  The coloring book is a 10 page invitation to COLOR! What do you think the Lord is trying to say to me? Maybe to open the doors to my creative side again. My mother and three wonderful sisters all scrapbook, stamp or quilt. I have not taken the time to discover my crafty side (although I use to sew and really miss it); so maybe it’s time for me to color! and find it!!

Instead of doing the same that has always been done, at work and at home, we need to look with “new eyes”.  Be open to new ideas and new colors

And why do we need to stay within the lines? Aren’t the most creative minds those that color outside the lines? There are no steadfast laws that make us stay in the lines when being creative. Consider the Creator…all the different flowers, animals, even each of us are uniquely different. God did not worry about staying in the lines! He challenges us to use the creativity he gifted us with and SOAR!!  

 Today is a blank page for you…
      Tomorrow is a blank page for you…
           so grab a box of 96 colorful crayons…
                and COLOR EVERYWHERE!!

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