A present hidden in Edward Tulane

Okay, so do you have books on your shelf that friends and family have given you and said “you’re gonna love this book” or “this is one of my favorite books”. Well, my daughter said both of those to me about The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo. I picked it up the first time a few years ago, read a few pages and never picked it up again.

This year, she bought this same book as a Christmas gift for someone and once again said “Mom, you would love this book, it was one of my favorites”, so amid the planning for Christmas, wrapping gifts, last-minute shopping and packing for a family vacation, I found myself picking up the book last night to read. And what a surprising joy when I finished it this morning!

“Why should I care what happens to an arrogant, overdressed china rabbit?” is just what I thought as I read the comment on the back cover. But I did. I saw myself and other people in Edward; so many people becoming complacent in our lives, so many people feeling lost and alone, so many hanging on to hope, so many learning to listen, and so many looking for love. Edward symbolizes all the emotions, fears, and happiness we search for.

My life seems to get so busy, that sometimes picking up a book is the last thing to do. This quick, inspiring read was truly a present my daughter was trying to give me for years – the gift of the simple pleasures of being whisked away into a story.

Give the gift of books this year – give the gift of your favorite book to someone you love – relax, rest and read this holiday season!

“You must be filled with expectancy.
You must be awash in hope.
You must wonder who will love you,
whom will you love next.”
“If you have no intention of loving or being loved,
then the whole journey is pointless.”
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

I’m off now to find another treasure sitting on a book shelf in the house…

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