The best gifts

An unexpected gift from a thoughtful giver, watching someone open the perfect gift you chose for them… true joys of the Christmas Season!

As a child, Christmas was a time of joy; caroling to neighbors, decorating cookies, delivering gifts, snow forts and snow ball fights, visiting the local nursing home with my girl scout troop and family parties.

One of my favorite childhood memories is rushing to the front door with my five siblings after Santa visited our home to see Santa getting on his sleigh and moving from our house to the neighbors.  We all had wide eyes and were so happy, I remember also the smile my mother and father shared as we closed the door from the cold. It really was Santa, he brought each of us one gift, ate some cookies and climbed back on his sleigh. What an amazing memory of Santa giving to others.

It was years and years later when I discovered Santa was one of our dad’s who lived down the lane and all the parents hired a sleigh and reindeer to take him around the neighborhood delivering presents to all the children. I can’t remember the gifts I received that Christmas, but I remember the gift my parents gave us of a real life Santa, reindeer, sleigh and all!

It was a gift of surprise, thoughtfulness and love.

Do we inspire each other through our actions and our gifts. Gifts do not have to be store-bought. Some of the best gifts from my children are drawings, poems written, family snapshots framed, scrapbooks made or coupon books filled with time playing games together.

The gift of time and treasures.

I was once at a Christian Women’s conference where a speaker talked of a friend that spent all day Christmas on the phone calling everyone she knew that had lost a loved one within the past few years.

The gift of kindness during a season that may not be filled with joy for everyone.

For some, the gift-giving part of the holidays often contributes a big part of the stress most people feel during the season. It’s not easy trying to find something nice for everyone on the list while fighting the bustling, crazy crowds and keeping the budget from ballooning like Santa on post-Christmas cookie eating binge. Stress should not be part of the season.

Take time to pray and think of what really is meaningful for those you celebrate the holidays with.

What they really are dreaming of are kindness, love, thoughtfulness, time, treasures and surprises. Share your gifts this Christmas with all those you love.

Merry Christmas!

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