Madrigals brings Christmas Spirit

What beautiful songs…Christmas music sung accapella by beautifully ordained teens. Songs of Christ’s birth sung at a public high school – inspiring.

Being able to express our joy at the birth of Christ is the origin for this Holiday season. I was reminded of that as I sat and watched madrigals sing of the joy of the proclamation of the coming of the Lord and the Birth of Jesus. I had a delicious meals, served by wench-clad youth as the jester, ladies in waiting and troubadours entertained the crowds.

Sing out and proclaim what we celebrate in our homes.
Fill your house with music of the season and good cheer with neighbors, friends and family.

Don’t give in to the secular of this time of year.
We are celebrating a JOYFUL event!

I am so proud of those young people who so poignantly sang from their hearts and did not give in to the secular “don’t offend anyone” mentality.

Say “Merry Christmas” to everyone you meet – spread the Christmas Spirit.


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