What are we waiting for?

Today is the First Sunday of Advent…so what does that mean? Isn’t it just the Christmas Season? Advent is a time of waiting, but what are we waiting for?

We are preparing for Jesus to come, not just at Christmas, but in our lives. We prepare our hearts, our families and our homes to live the message of Christ. To love others, to give of ourselves and to share his message. We prepare with more prayer and good works, many people spend time with those in need during this season, spreading Christian love in the world.

These four weeks of Advent should not be confused with the Christmas Season, which begins on Christmas Day. But society has changed that, haven’t we? We allow advertisers to end Christmas on Christmas Day. Did you know the twelve days of Christmas actually begin on Christmas Day and lead us to Epiphany, when the three kings travel to honor Christ. Do we stop celebrating Christmas the day after, or do we celebrate the birth of Jesus after Christmas Day?

Now, I’m not saying we should forget all the traditions we have come accustomed with, but let’s not let society rule our hearts. Take the next four weeks and prepare your hearts to celebrate Christ’s birth through more frequent prayer and giving to others. The gifts you will receive will be greater than those you can ever ask for.

Happy Advent!! Enjoy this Holy Season!!

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