In honor of my father

How many of our fathers served for their country?
How many of our loved ones were lost while protecting our freedom?
How do we honor them throughout the year?

Veterans Day is for my dad; it is for your dad, our brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandfathers, friends and neighbors. Veterans Day is to remember and honor those who have served and are serving. Sometime I think we take our freedom for granted. We argue about who has the right to do this or who has the right to do that, but really we should be saying “thank God I have the right”  This nation was formed by the blood of so many and  by the love of so many. What principles do you hold that you are truly ready to give your life up for?

Our choices are ours because someone loved this country enough to leave their home and families and fight.

We may disagree with others politial views, but we have the freedom to disagree. My father served his country as did all his brothers, my father-in-law and many family friends. And I am so proud of them all!

My father attributed how disciplined he was to the Army, where his served as a Captain. He treasured this country, his uniform, army memories and army buddies until the day he died. His parents came over from Italy as soon as they were married, spoke little to no English, but raised seven children in the land of the free and home of the brave!  They lived the American Dream, immigrants working hard, building homes, learning the trades, opening a construction company, employing other Americans and raising children. My father used to tell stories about his mother baking bread and letting it cool on the windowsill, only to laugh as all the neighborhood children lined up to get a piece of warm, fresh baked bread. He learned to work with his hand side by side with my grandfather building with pride in each accomplishment. My father served his country, then he too built a construction company, was the first one in his family to receive a college education and went on to raise six children with those values.

What an amazing country!
Thank God!
and then thank a Vet!

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One thought on “In honor of my father

  1. Toni Olivieri-Barton

    What great writing! I am so glad you are doing this. I enjoy reading your thoughts.

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