Life takes over

Sometimes we get so busy with our work, that we forget to do our work.

My “job” has been crazy this past 2 weeks, preparing for the first classes of school and organizing a new office – but I truly believe that my job is first and foremost parent. How would my boss “God” feel about how my work has been with my children these past few weeks? Have I been attentive? Have I been short-tempered? Have I loved?

Sometimes we get so caught up with our busy-ness, that we forget our true job – the job that surpasses all other jobs – the one that is heaven-sent – the one that we pay for dearly if we mess it up – Motherhood.

It is the most treasure and precious job that we are privileged to be able to experience, yet sometimes we act like it’s the least important thing in our lives. Lord help us to stand tall as mothers and unite in solidarity to bring honor to the profession of motherhood!

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